PhD in Political Economy & Government (PEG)

The PhD in Political Economy and Government equips students for academic or policymaking careers requiring advanced knowledge of both economics and political science. The program is suitable for students whose interests are not met by studying economics, political science, or public policy alone.

PhD in Public Policy (PPOL)

The PhD in Public Policy trains students to shape new directions in public policy research, and prepares them for careers in academia, government, and research organizations. Candidates develop skills to teach the next generation of educators, researchers, and practitioners in public policy and the social sciences.

PhD in Health Policy

The PhD in Health Policy prepares students for academic careers in institutions of higher education or research careers in health policy.

PhD in Social Policy

The PhD in Social Policy is a joint program for those students who are looking to combine the depth of a doctorate in political science or sociology with a multidisciplinary focus on social policy.