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Harvard Kennedy School’s 9 student-run journals and biweekly student newspaper provide hands-on experience for students to connect their time at HKS with their past professional experiences and their future career aspirations.

Not only are journals an opportunity for students to write, edit, and publish articles on issues of  importance to them, but they are platforms for them to help broaden the view of how policy is made and build valuable professional networks with other students, alumni, politicians, journalists, community leaders, and policymakers. Recent issues have featured a range of content, including op-eds, interviews with policymakers, photo essays, and other visual art speaking to political themes.

Explore the full roster of student-run publications at Harvard Kennedy School below.  



Africa Policy Journal promotes dialogue about African policy and current affairs in the areas of business, culture, design, education, governance, health, and law. The journal was founded at Harvard Kennedy School in 2006 but recently expanded to all schools at Harvard University.


Asian American Policy Review is the first nonpartisan, academic journal in the country dedicated to analyzing public policy issues facing the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. Founded in 1989, the journal provides a forum for scholarship and publication on issues related to the Asian American community’s political, social, and economic development.


The Citizen is the independent, biweekly Harvard Kennedy School student newspaper that provides a forum for the HKS community to read about news, features, and perspectives on global issues, stay current on events at HKS and the broader Harvard community, and express opinion about topics of importance to HKS students. 


Crimson & Black: A Journal for Black Policy seeks to educate and provide leadership to improve public policies affecting the African American community. The scholarly review expands the conversation beyond academics and practitioners by discussing issues and topics ranging from philosophy, urban planning, to literature.


Human Rights Policy Journal

Human Rights Policy Journal was established in 2016 to provide a platform for students, policymakers, practitioners, activists, and the broader community to highlight and discuss key human rights concerns. The journal aims to be a leading source of compelling insight and critical analysis on important human rights issues facing the world today.


Hispanic Policy Journal was founded in 1985 as an academic review that publishes works on politics and policy, and focuses on policy issues that impact the Latino community in the United States.  


Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy presents analysis and new perspectives, addresses complex issues, and explores growing trends shaping the contemporary Middle East and North Africa region.


Kennedy School Review was founded in 2000 to offer analysis and insight, and put forward pragmatic, innovative solutions for major modern issues. KSR publishes timely articles that influence policymakers and practitioners, stimulate public debate, and showcase the best work of HKS students.


Latin America Policy Journal aspires to create a strong community of emerging and united Latin American leaders, to discuss the region’s most pressing problems. Journal contributors include current and former presidents, scholars, policymakers, journalists, and students reflecting on the challenges of democratization in Latin America.


LGBTQ Policy Journal publishes interdisciplinary work on policymaking and politics that impact the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) community. Founded in 2011, the journal strives to improve public policies affecting LGBTQ communities by furthering reflection and debate on the economic, political, and social consequences of public policy regimes for LGBTQ individuals. 
Singapore Policy Journal publishes rigorous analyses of Singapore policy written by students and researchers, to encourage discussion among policymakers and the public. The online-only journal selects and condenses these analyses each month to help moderate and elevate policy discussions in Singapore.
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